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Looking for something you can't find? We are still working on uploading all of the products we have available. Please feel free to Contact Us hopefully we have what you are looking for!

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Museum Acrylic Paints

Museum Acrylic colours are water based and non-toxic paints for the budget conscious artist. Dries to a flexible, durable surface with a satiny finish.

Golden Acrylic Sets

Tri Art Acrylic Paints


High Viscosity

Tri-Art's signature line of lush, High Viscosity Acrylic Paint is known for its high performance by professional artists. Known best for its unique consistency, vibrancy and range of color. This paint has a true high viscosity format with an extremely high pigment and binder concentration which gives the paint a stiffer rheology that will hold perfect peaks and the signature of brush strokes normally associated with oil paints.TRI ART products are made in Ontario, we are proud to support this and other Canadian Companies.  

Golden Acrylic Paints

High Flow Acrylics

Fluid Acrylics

Heavy Body


Graham Oil Paints

Van Gogh Oil Colours

Van Gogh Oil Colours ensure a good and long lasting result, so paintings will retain their value in the future. Van Gogh oil paint is made with high quality raw materials the Colour range contains excellent, safe alternatives as well as traditional cadmium colours.

Lukas Oil Paints


Holbein Watercolour

Holbein watercolours produce brilliant transparent washes as well  as powerful clean darks when used in more concentrated applications.                     Permanency Rating:                         ***  Absolutely Permanent  **  Permanent                     *   Moderately DurableCodes:          T - Transparent            N - Non-staining  E - Easy Lift                        X - Granulating Colour                      B - Semi-Transparent              K - Semi-Staining   H - Hard Lift  O - Opaque  S - StainingI - Intense

Grumbacher Academy


QoR Watercolour

Winsor & Newton